In the 21st century IT industry is facing a number of challenges non-existent or much less important in the past. Constant development and pressure towards innovation and profitability with the delivery time ever shortening is forcing a much tighter control over the subject matter part of projects.

EC2 targets to meet the new needs that result from the evolution of the IT industry by offering complex services in the area of enterprise, solution and system architecture.

Our work begins with the adaptation of industry standards and best practices to create an architecture framework tailored to our clients needs. Based on this, an architecture design is prepared along with gap analysis targeted at a given initiative. After completing the design phase we provide our support in supervising development of the solution.


Prime Minister’s Office
Expansion of the statistical data collection and analysis for the system supporting the effective management of human resources in the civil service.
KSD Software AS (Norway)
Migration, development and maintenance of the Enterprise-class system used, among others, by IKEA, Scandinavian Airlines and DHL.
Centrum Organizacyjno - koordynacyjne ds transplantacji "POLTRANSPLANT" EN
Expansion of the Central Register of Potential Unrelated Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Donors.