Audit related services are usually regarded as a compliance verification against organizational and security standards performed for large corporations and publicly owned companies. Dynamic development of enterprises smaller in scale, that could be observed over recent years, resulted in seeing audit also as a tool of actual control over companies solutions.

In EC2 we offer our help to large corporations and government institutions as well as smaller companies.

Our full fledged audit covers the organization of delivery and maintenance processes as well as the IT ecosystem as a whole.

Our clients receive an overall report containing observations, conclusions and recommendations that result from the performed audit.


Prime Minister’s Office
Expansion of the statistical data collection and analysis for the system supporting the effective management of human resources in the civil service.
KSD Software AS (Norway)
Migration, development and maintenance of the Enterprise-class system used, among others, by IKEA, Scandinavian Airlines and DHL.
Centrum Organizacyjno - koordynacyjne ds transplantacji "POLTRANSPLANT" EN
Expansion of the Central Register of Potential Unrelated Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Donors.