We cannot let your software feel lonely. Therefore we are offering you our integration services dedicated to both off-the-shelf and custom systems. Our team will coordinate the process, creating integration components when needed, and finally plan and execute all required tests and assessments. Our clients have nothing else to do but to enjoy the smooth data flow.

The first step in the process is to identify systems that need to be integrated and to establish the scope of information to be exchanged. Interfaces defined that way are then subject to the process of data format alignment which result of which is the list of required transformations. Basing on this, the decision is made whether a dedicated integration component is needed. Integration tests are preformed as the last step of the process.

If the integration has been done correctly, companies usually consider extending its scope. Because of that EC2 offers continuous integration services that provide the framework and the infrastructure enabling an easy and secure development.


Prime Minister’s Office
Expansion of the statistical data collection and analysis for the system supporting the effective management of human resources in the civil service.
KSD Software AS (Norway)
Migration, development and maintenance of the Enterprise-class system used, among others, by IKEA, Scandinavian Airlines and DHL.
Centrum Organizacyjno - koordynacyjne ds transplantacji "POLTRANSPLANT" EN
Expansion of the Central Register of Potential Unrelated Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Donors.